Tutorial on Making a Lovely Button Bracelet for Girls with Recycled Fabric

Summary: This tutorial aims to tell you how to make a button bracelet by pink button and recycled fabric. Among bracelet designs for girls, this one is both economical and beautiful!

Tutorial on Making a Lovely Button Bracelet for Girls with Recycled Fabric

I submit this article to share a lovely DIY button bracelet with you. Just get some pink buttons, transparent beads, and green fabric from your clothes, let’s start! You can easily make a button bracelet in 20 minutes, or less.

Materials for making a button bracelet:

One piece of recycled green fabric

Some button in same color or different color its your choice   

Transparent beads

Needle and thread

materials for making button bracelet

How to make a lovely button bracelet?

Step1: Take one button and attach it one bead putting on its hole and stich it on green fabric with help of needle and thread, leaving the sides of fabric.

attaching button and bead on fabric by stitching

Step2: Attach buttons and beads onto the green fabric one by one. Then fold the extra sides of the green fabric and attach them with large stiches.

attaching buttons and beads on fabric and fold fabric

Step3: Put some beads in thread and sew them to be a circle so as to make a switch for the button bracelet. Then attach it on the edge of the bracelet.

making switch for bracelet

Done! Here’s the finished DIY button bracelet.

finished button bead bracelet

This button bracelet is easy and cute, right? You can choose the colors according to your ideas on bracelet designs for girls. Match with your shirts and wear it happily. Or send it to little girl as gift!

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