Making Sparkling Christmas Bracelets with Red Ribbon and Silver Beads

Summary: Here is a tutorial on how to make Christmas bracelets. This Christmas bracelet is a simple but beautiful bead bracelet which is made of red ribbon and silver beads.

Making Sparkling Christmas Bracelets with Red Ribbon and Silver Beads

In the big family of Christmas jewelry created by me, it seems that there is no bracelet, now this sparkling Christmas bead bracelet is coming to you. To express the strong affection for Christmas, I opted for red and silver as major colors. What I want to reach is when you see this bracelet, you will think of Christmas right away. Following me to make this Christmas bracelet won’t let you down.

Materials and tools for making a Christmas bead bracelet:

20mm Resin Rhinestone Beads, Round, Silver
8mm Acrylic Beads Imitation Pearl, Round, Peru
10mm Acrylic Cabochon, Ivory (Not Shown)
16mm Iron Bead Caps, Platinum
6mm Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain, Red
1mm Elastic Cord, Black
Hot Glue Gun (Not Shown)

materials and tools for making a Christmas bead bracelet

How to make a Christmas bead bracelet?

Step 1: thread beads and make closure

1st, cut out a long elastic cord and slide on a few rhinestone beads. The amount of beads should be determined by your wrist. Tie the ends of elastic cord;
2nd, thread an imitation pearl and a bead cap on each end of the elastic cord. Knot and cut excessive cord.

thread beads and make closure

Step 2: wrap red ribbon

1st, wrap a long strip of red ribbon along the beads all the way around, make sure each coil is between two beads. Loop the ends of ribbon to make a bowknot and secure with glue;
2nd, glue a cabochon in the center of the bowknot.

wrap red ribbon

This is the finished Christmas bead bracelet:

finished Christmas bead bracelet

With only four steps, you can make an eye-catching bead bracelet for Christmas. Due to its simple materials and process, you can make it as gifts for many people without spending much time.

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