Easy Steps to Make Chainmail Bracelet with Jump Rings

Summary: In this tutorial, we are going to make a chainmail bracelet all with jumprings. It is a cool thing. Do you want to see how we just use jumprings to make bracelet? Please take a look at below steps:

Easy Steps to Make Chainmail Bracelet with Jump Rings

You may think jumpring is very normal, so will the chainmail bracelet. But I want to tell you this bracelet is awesome. Everyone will pay attention to you when you wear this bracelet. So let’s make it right now.

Steps to make chainmail bracelet:

Things you’ll need: Golden and silver jumpring, and magnetic slide lock clasp.

materials needed for making chainmail bracelet

1. Connect two silver jumprings with two golden jumprings and then connect another silver jumpring with two other golden jumprings. Keep connecting jumprings to get the four silver jumprings into square shape.

	Connect two silver jumpring with two golden jumprings

2. Repeat step1 until you get your desired length.
3. Add magnetic slide lock clasp to two ends of the chain.

finished chainmail bracelet

So the chainmail bracelet is done! Try to make it and you will love this bracelet.

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