Particular Attention Must Be Paid to When Fixing a Broken Ring

Summary: Do you know how to fix a broken ring? If you happen to have a broken ring and have no idea about what should be paid attention to when fixing a broken ring, this article may help you.

Particular Attention Must Be Paid to When Fixing a Broken Ring

Rings may be broken because of sudden bump, wear and tear or many other reasons. No matter what the reason is, you need to come up with a solution to fix the broken ring. Depending on what happens you can choose to fix it by yourself or give it to the jeweler. In most cases, I recommend the latter because you cannot make sure the ring will be back to its original look. Certainly some simple situations, like the gemstone falls off, can be solved by your own easily. When you intend to find a jeweler to fix your ring, here are some tips you should notice.

1. The very first thing should do is to collect all broken parts. Collecting all the parts will make it easier to be restored. It is not very hard because rings are always broken into two parts. But when the ring is a diamond ring especially there are some small diamonds, check carefully!

2. If some parts cannot be collected, carefully find out what is missing. It will help you to decide what you will do about it. Do you want to find a similar piece to replace it or use other solutions?

3. Before leaving you ring with the jeweler, inspect it carefully, especially if it’s valuable. Study any marks on the ring and the features of the gemstones. It will be helpful to prevent unscrupulous jewelers from returning a worthless ring to you instead of yours.

4. Bringing all broken parts of your ring to the jeweler that sold the ring is the most ideal choice. If it is unrealizable, you can research online to find a reputable jewelry or ask families and friends for recommendations.

5. Choosing a reputable jewelry which specializes in repairing exquisite rings is very important. It is necessary to have a clear knowledge of their repair experience and any work they have done with the type of your ring or metal.

6. Tell the jeweler as much information as possible about your ring, such as the type of metal, the incident which made it broken and any special information should be noted.

7. Inform the jeweler of all your requirements. What’s your expectation about the repaired ring? What do you want to change? Which part you want to remain the same?

8. Inspect the ring again when it is returned to you. If you are not satisfied with the result of the repair, you’d better communicate with the jeweler in detail.

All above are some notable tips for fixing broken rings. These tips may well be helpful if you keep them in mind when getting your broken rings repaired.

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