Christmas Jewelry Ideas - Making a Gloves Pendant Necklace with Beads

Summary: Here is a tutorial on how to make a Christmas necklace for you. This is a gloves pendant necklace made of felt and beads. It’s super easy to make!

Christmas Jewelry Ideas - Making a Gloves Pendant Necklace with Beads

Red gloves are known as one of necessary decorations for Christmas. Today I will teach you to make a felt gloves pendant necklace attached to a leather cord with beads. Wearing this necklace is a great way to update your look on Christmas and it only takes 10 minutes. Why not do it?

What do you need for making a Christmas necklace?

Felt (Red & White)
Flower Lace Trim, White
10mm Acrylic Bead Imitation Pearl, Round, White
4mm Acrylic Beads Imitation Pearl, Round, White
4mm Brass Spacer Beads, Round, Silver
1mm Leather Cord, Black
Sewing Thread
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making a gloves pendant necklace

How to make a gloves pendant necklace?

Step 1: cut felt and lace flowers

Cut out two glove shapes from red felt and two decorative borders from white felt. The decorative borders are like clouds a little, you can feel free to make it. Trim off some flowers from the flower lace trim.

cut felt and lace flowers

Step 2: make two gloves

Sew the decorative borders with the gloves and glue lace flowers on the gloves dispersedly.

make two gloves

Step 3: add beads

Slide a 10mm imitation pearl on a string of leather cord in the middle, then three spacer beads per side. Glue two gloves on the leather cord at each side, then slide two spacer beads and two 4mm imitation pearls on from each end. When wearing it, you can make a knot at the ends of leather cord.

add beads

This is the final look:

finished gloves pendant necklace

The wrong side of this necklace is not very nice. If you just want to wear this gloves pendant necklace on Christmas for one day, it’s OK to follow this tutorial because the wrong side is not very important. While if you also intend to make it for daily wearing, I recommend you to make two-layer gloves then cross the leather cord through the space between two layers. And the closure can be replaced with a lobster claw clasp.

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