Tutorial on Making a Red and Green Christmas Tree out of Ribbon and Felt

Summary: Hey, another Christmas tree! This is a Christmas tree ornament made of ribbon and felt. I believe that this red and green Christmas tree can be a wonderful member of your Christmas decorations.

Tutorial on Making a Red and Green Christmas Tree out of Ribbon and Felt

Beautiful and simple handmade crafts are the most suitable for us to make. This is my principle of making this Christmas tree ornament. Red and green are the most representative colors for Christmas. I made four layers with green felt and red ribbon to create this unique Christmas tree. Embellished with beads and ribbon bows, it looks more elaborate.

What do you need for making a red and green Christmas tree?

Felt (Green & Gray)
6mm Satin Ribbon, Grosgrain, Red
6mm Satin Ribbon, Beige
10mm Satin Ribbon, Goldenrod
8mm Acrylic Cabochon, Red
10mm Acrylic Cabochon, Ivory
6mm Electroplate Glass Beads Strand, Bicone, Goldenrod
Hot Glue Gun
Toilet Paper Tube

materials and tools for making a red and green Christmas tree

How to make a Christmas tree out of ribbon and felt?

Step 1: glue four layers of the tree

1st, trim the toilet paper tube into a trapezoid and roll it to make a cone with flat top. Glue both sides for securing and glue a round piece of gray felt at the top;
2nd, cut red ribbon and green felt into strips with certain length;
3rd, fold the felt strips in half and glue their ends around the paper cone adjacently at the bottom as the first layer. Then glue red ribbon strips in the same way as the second layer with covering the ends of first layer;
4th, repeat the above step to make the last two layers.

glue four layers of the tree

Step 2: add beads and bows

1st, wrap a strip of goldenrod ribbon around the top of the cone to cover the ends of the last layer and make a bowknot. Secure the bowknot with glue;
2nd, cluster the electroplate glass beads on the felt at the top and glue then for securing;
3rd, make a long-tail bowknot with beige ribbon and glue it on the opposite side of the goldenrod bowknot with an ivory cabochon in the center;
4th, glue a red cabochon in the center of the goldenrod bowknot.

add beads and bows

Here is the final look:

finished red and green Christmas tree

If you like this Christmas tree I made and are wondering how to make other Christmas ornaments, welcome to our website for more tutorials. We will give you more instructions on Christmas decorations recently.

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