Four Best Ways of Cleaning Body Jewelry at Home

Summary: Having learnt many ways of cleaning kinds of jewelry, it’s time to know how to clean body jewelry. The following information will describe four ways of cleaning body jewelry at home.

Four Best Ways of Cleaning Body Jewelry at Home

Body jewelry may have the greatest need to be cleaned and sterilized, because cleaning body jewelry is not only for keeping them shiny, but also protecting you from bacterial infections especially for tongue piercing. You’d better clean your body jewelry at least once every three days. You also need to clean new body jewelry, they are brand new but not necessarily sterile. Let’s see four ways on how to clean body jewelry now.

First Way

The very first thing you should do is to clean your hands with anti-bacterial soap before cleaning body jewelry. Don’t choose anti-bacterial soaps with fragrances and moisturizes.
1. Wash the piece in warm water with anti-bacterial soap using soft brush for a couple of minutes.
2. Dry the piece with a clean and soft cloth. Then re-insert your body jewelry or store it in a sealed container or bag.

Second Way

If you don’t want your mouth full of soap’s taste, you can use anti-bacterial mouthwash to clean tongue and lip piercings.
1. Soak your body jewelry in a small cup of anti-bacterial mouthwash for several minutes. Anti-bacterial mouthwash is good for killing bacteria and disinfecting the jewelry. For body jewelry with acrylic components, use alcohol-free mouthwash to avoid discoloration.
2. Dry your body jewelry. Re-insert or store it as above said.

Third Way

1. Boil the jewelry in a clean tea pot or other containers for 15 minutes. The high temperature can kill the bacteria without damaging the metal (unfit for those low-melting metals).
2. Wipe the piece with alcohol carefully. Alcohol may be used only on steel pieces without acrylic or jeweled components. Remember that don’t use alcohol on acrylic and Lucite jewelry.

Fourth Way

There is the best way of cleaning wood body jewelry.
1. Prepare a bowl of mild soapy warm water without any chemicals.
2. Wash the jewelry in the solution for a few minutes. Do not soak it in.
3. Dry the piece with a clean and soft cloth.
4. Brush vitamin E, mineral or olive oil on the piece to prevent the wood from drying out.
5. Rub away excess oil with a clean cloth.

The most important thing is to wear or store your body jewelry at once after cleaning. Otherwise bacteria will accumulate on the jewelry and your effort put into cleaning the body jewelry will be in vain.

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