Tutorial on Making a Glamorous White Felt Flower with Beads for Hair

Summary: This tutorial aims to show you how to make a white felt flower clip with beads for hair. The red and white will give you a visual impact!

Tutorial on Making a Glamorous White Felt Flower with Beads for Hair

Lately I’ve been thinking how to make different flowers for hair. This white felt flower hair clip is one of my creations. This time my idea is to make a hair clip with intense color contrast. Red may be the most eye-catching color, and white can make the sense of wholeness more harmony, not jumbled. That’s how this glamorous flower hair clip was created.

What do you need for making this white flower clip for hair?

Felt, White
10mm Colorful Acrylic Beads, Round, Red
8mm Jade Beads Strand, Round, Aqua (Not Shown)
10mm Satin Ribbon, Red
Sewing Thread
Hair Barrette
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making felt flower hair clip

How to make a felt flower for hair?

Step 1: make a felt flower

1st, cut out five triangles from felt with side lengths of 4cm. Trim the top of these triangles as the picture shows;
2nd, running stitch the bottom side of five triangles as petals;
3rd, pull the thread tightly and sew both ends to make a felt flower;
4th, glue a red bead in the center of the felt flower and a circle of jade beads around the red bead.

make a felt flower

Step 2: add beads and cut round pieces

1st, loop a strip of ribbon to make a bow with tails and secure with glue. You can make the bow by leaving a tail from one end, loop to make one side of a bow, then the other side;
2nd, glue the ribbon bow at the backside of the felt flower;
3rd, cut out four pairs of round pieces from felt. The largest pieces measure 3cm and the smallest ones measure 1cm. The sizes of middle ones can be flexible;
4th, lay round pieces into two piles from large to small with the smallest ones on the top, and glue them for securing.

add beads and cut round pieces

Step 3: add hair barrette

Glue two piles of round pieces at two sides of the ribbon bow, then glue a hair barrette at back.

add hair barrette

Here is the final look:

finished felt flower hair clip

In this felt flower hair clip, I didn’t add too much beads. I love the color of jade beads extremely, it is very light just similar to the white flower. For me, the circle of aqua jade beads in the center is a finishing touch for this felt flower. How about you?

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