How to Make a Tassel Necklace with Beads and Wire

Summary: How to make a tassel necklace? Here, use several 4mm, 6mm and 8mm beads to create this on trendy beaded tassel necklace. With step-by-step instructions and photos!

How to Make a Tassel Necklace with Beads and Wire

After the Halloween we have an array of neon orange beads left over. We love how the way the neon elements look in a wearable accessory. So, in today's bead necklace making project, we’ll shall a beaded tassel necklace out of a set of neon orange beads. You'll love how we make a beaded tassel and how does the final necklace look like.

Supplies needed for the beaded tassel necklace:

8mm Orange Rubber Glass Bead (Neon)
6mm Orange Rubber Glass Bead (Neon)
4mm Orange Rubber Glass Bead (Neon)
Bead Cap
Alloy Link
Crimp Bead
Long Eyepin (not shown)
0.35mm Tiger Tail Wire (or 0.3mm Nylon Wire)
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers (not shown)

Supplies needed for the beaded tassel necklace

How to make a beaded tassel necklace?

Step 1: How to make the beaded tassel

1st, cut 6~8 lengths of tiger tail wire to approximately 20cm for each;
2nd, temporally grab one end of all wire by a crimp bead;
3rd, string 16~18 4mm rubber glass beads per wire;
4th, grasp all the wire and thread through the loop of eyepin;
5th, string the same rubber glass beads onto each wire as did before;

make the beaded tassel

6th, slide one crimp bead at the end of each wire, squeeze by pliers and then stuck the excess wire in adjacent beads;
7th, remove the firstly added crimp bead at the other end. Then, repeat the process 6th above with each wire;
8th, trim off the excesses;

slide one crimp bead at each end of wire

9th, hold the eyepin, string the 2 types of bead cap, then the 4mm, 6mm and 8mm bead as picture shows;
10th, finally, make a simple loop at the end.

add more beads and make a simple loop at the end

Step 2: String the necklace chain

1st, cut a piece of tiger tail wire, then anchor one end onto the alloy link;
2nd, on the wire, string 30~40 4mm rubber glass beads;
3rd, thread on the beaded tassel;
4th, add the same number of 4mm beads and one alloy link on the other side;
5th, take another longer piece of wire and make the rest long beaded necklace chain with 6mm and 8mm rubber glass beads. The length may be 1.5 times longer than that of your necklace circumference.

String the necklace chain


finished Tassel Necklace with Beads and Wire

There you've finished the bead necklace making project. This necklace is a splurge to make, but it is piece that will proudly be treasured for all occasions. Besides, while making the beaded tassel, the 0.35mm nylon wire may be more appreciated if you’re wondering a softer and straighter look. Have a nice try!

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