Button Craft Ideas - DIY Vintage Style Shell Button Headband with Felt

Summary: This is a wonderful button craft idea about making a shell button headband. Today come with me to DIY a vintage style headband with buttons and felt!

Button Craft Ideas - DIY Vintage Style Shell Button Headband with Felt

I have been thinking that what crafts can be DIY with beautiful buttons. It seems that buttons are mostly supporting roles for other crafts, button crafts are very few. When I saw the colorful shell buttons, I knew there would be one more amazing button craft born – a shell button headband. Shell buttons have vintage taste of its own; the combination of shell buttons and brown felt gives this headband more glamour.

What do you need for making this shell button headband?

Felt, Brown
10mm Shell Buttons, Flat Round, Mixed Color
5mm Acrylic Rhinestone Beads, Sea Green
Iron Headband
Sewing Thread, Goldenrod
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making shell button headband

How to make a shell button headband?

Step 1: sew shell buttons on felt

1st, cut out a rhombus from felt with side length of 7cm, trim two ends into flat;
2nd, sew the shell buttons full of the felt with arranging them in the way you like.

>sew shell buttons on felt

Step 2: glue felt and rhinestones

1st, glue the felt on the headband in place. You can place it in the middle or inclined left or right as long as you feel it beautiful;
2nd, glue a line of rhinestone beads at each side of the headband. Make sure arrange all rhinestones next to each other without any gap.

glue felt and rhinestones


finished shell button headband

I added a line of rhinestones to make this shell button headband more sparkling. The rhinestones are actually sea green, while they seem like cyan in the picture because of chromatic aberration. If you think cyan is good for you, congratulations! You find another choice! What a beautiful mistake!

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