How to Make Purple Headbands with Bows for Girls out of Ribbons and Beads

Summary: Moms, are you thinking about how to make headbands for your little girls out of ribbon? Here is a great tutorial on making purple headbands with bows for all moms who have this idea.

How to Make Purple Headbands with Bows for Girls out of Ribbons and Beads

Flower dresses and skirts are favorites of many girls. A pretty ribbon headband with layered bows and flower beads may be the perfect choice to match these outfits. I noticed that many little girls’ headbands had a great many embellishments; they may be a little exaggerated for adults, but so proper on those little princesses, so I intended to make such a complicated headband. This purple ribbon bow headband with beads and charms may look complex to make, but actually it only takes a little time.

What do you need for making purple ribbon headbands?

10mm Handmade Porcelain Beads, Flower, Purple
6mm Acrylic Beads Imitation Pearl, Round, White
38mm Satin Ribbon, Argyle, Pink
25mm Satin Ribbon, Flower, Purple
6mm Satin Ribbon (Lavender & Violet)
15mm Lace Trim, White
Brass Chain, Platinum
10mm Jump Rings, Platinum
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making purple ribbon bow headband

How to make ribbon headbands with bows?

Step 1: make a folded ribbon bow

1st, glue a strip of 38mm pink ribbon with appropriate length on the headband with wrapping both ends. Don’t wrap the whole headband;
2nd, cut out a strip of 25mm flower ribbon, and make sure it’s long enough to make three loops at each side. Use your forefinger and thumb to pinch the ribbon and make a loop with one end as the top layer;
Pinch the loop and secure with glue, continue to make the rest of two loops as the picture shows. Fold the other tail in the same way and you will get a folded bow. Glue both tails of the ribbon with wrapping both ends of the headband;
3rd, glue two long strips of lace trim next to the folded bow with wrapping both ends of the headband;
4th, glue a strip of 6mm lavender ribbon atop along each layer of the folded bow.

make a folded ribbon bow

Step 2: add embellishments

1st, make a simple bow with a short strip of lavender ribbon and a small folded bow with 6mm violet ribbons. Glue them in the center of the large folded bow with violet ribbon bow at the top;
2nd, glue a flower porcelain bead in the center of the bows. Snip two pieces of brass chain and cross each chain through three layers of the folded bow. Adjust the chains to make them hang loosely at every layer and secure with glue;
3rd, attach a acrylic imitation pearl to a jump ring as a charm;
4th, add such two charms to each side of the violet ribbon bow. Glue a flower porcelain bead on each layer of the folded bow.

add embellishments

This is the final look:

finished purple ribbon bow headband

This purple ribbon headband looks intricate but not messy; each embellishment has its own purpose. I added two charms there because the luster of pearls would give the headband more sweetness. Besides, I thought they looked like a bow as well.

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