How to Make a Long Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet within 30 Minutes

Summary: All contents in this tutorial are about making a beaded leather wrap bracelet: a simple yet stunning design compared with the well-known Chen Luu one. No threading techniques required!

How to Make a Long Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet within 30 Minutes

DIY leather wrap bracelets are actually popular right now, and especially the Chen Luu one adorned with a great deal of beads. But, besides the Chen Luu pattern, the combination of leather cord and beads can also do many wonders. Here, I will just show you how I make my one-of-a-kind beaded wrap bracelet! Super easy yet stunning!

Supplies needed for the long wrap bracelet:

Transparent Acrylic Beads
Brass Spacer Beads
Crimp Bead
Lobster Claw Clasp (with jumprings)
1mm Cowhide Leather Cord
Wire Cutter Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers

Supplies needed for the long wrap bracelet

How to make the beaded leather wrap bracelet?

Step 1: Cut a 100cm piece of leather cord. Take one end of the cord, slide one crimp bead on and thread through the jumpring on lobster claw clasp, then weave through the crimp bead again. Finally, squeeze the crimp bead for secure.

connect the clasp with leather cord

Step 2: String the 4mm golden spacer beads time after time and measure the part around wrist to figure out the length (about 15cm). Then slide the 4mm spacer beads for another same length.

figure the wrist circumference

Step 3: In the next 15cm part, add the 4mm spacer bead and flower acrylic bead alternately. Remember that each time add one bead secure it with an overhand knot.

add the flower acrylic bead

Step 4: Design the last 15cm part with knots and 4mm spacer beads.

make the last 15cm bead and knot part

Step 5: Attach the other end of leather cord to the jumpring on clasp by using a crimp bead.

attach another jumpring


finished beaded leather wrap bracelet

That’s so simple, right? Though this diy leather wrap bracelet pattern does not follow the trend, I may love it as well. Just be creative and learn how to use the leather cords to make more fabulous and gorgeous beaded wrap bracelet!

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