Easy Way to Make a Pink Butterfly Headband for Kids out of Felt and Suede Cord

Summary: This is a pink butterfly headband for kids! I made a butterfly hair clip couple of days ago, as inspiration I created a more exquisite butterfly felt headband! More like a live butterfly!

Easy Way to Make a Pink Butterfly Headband for Kids out of Felt and Suede Cord

Headbands are necessary hair accessories for cute girls. Owning a unique butterfly headband will be no longer a difficult thing if you follow this tutorial on how to make a butterfly headband with felt and suede cord. A complete butterfly with forewings, hind wings and antennas is created here. Embellished with pink turquoise beads, this butterfly headband becomes more glamorous.

What do you need for making a butterfly headband?

8mm Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strand, Round, Pearl Pink
6mm Satin Ribbon, Fiber, Pink (Not Shown)
2.5cm Suede Cord, Pink
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making felt butterfly headband

How to make a felt butterfly headband?

Step 1: make a butterfly

1st, wrap the headband with felt and glue a strip of ribbon to cover the ends of felt;
2nd, cut out a long strip of suede cord and roll three circles which each outer circle is about 2mm larger than the inner one;
3rd, secure the loops with glue as a forewing and make the other forewing with different size in the same way. Pinch a little at one length of the rest cord and glue to make a pointed effect, then continue roll the remaining cord to make hind wings and secure with glue;
4th, cut two short strips of suede cord and roll one end of each strip as antennas. Glue antennas with the wings and glue the butterfly on headband in place.

make a buttefly

Step 2: add beads

Glue eight pink turquoise beads along the middle of the headband with same intervals.

add beads

Here is the final look:

finished felt butterfly headband

Remember that it’s important to glue each part of the butterfly and beads firmly, otherwise they will be loose or fall off easily. Your daughter must appreciate you very much if you make this pretty felt butterfly headband for her!

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