How to make hemp bracelet patterns: different ways to make hemp bracelets

Summary: This tutorial is about to inform you of how to make hemp bracelet patterns; just take a few of little changes, we will show you a different way to make hemp bracelets; do not worry, it is simple!

I know many of you would like to utilize square knots to make hemp or string bracelets, as this kind of knots is simple-to-make and nice-looking, which is perfect for friendship bracelet craftworks. In “how to make hemp bracelet patterns”, I will use square knots as well, but the difference is this square knot is a variant of original one, named fishbone knots. 

The materials and tools for how to make hemp bracelet patterns:

1mm nylon threads in deep pink, dark red and orange colors

2mm nylon thread in gradient colors



Full instructions about how to make hemp bracelet patterns:

Step 1: make the loop part of clasp

First, snip proper length of nylon threads of each color;

Second, fold the thick one and place it at axis position; leave 1-2cm loop and align the others in order as picture shows.

Step 2: braid the fishbone knots along the bracelet

First, use pink threads to tie a pair of square knots with keeping the rest to sides;

Second, then according to the order use red and orange threads to braid square knots; 

Third, repeat the above processes, you get the fishbone knots;

Step 3: end up the closure part of clasp

First, when the braiding length fit for your wrist, stop braiding;

Second, make a button knot as closure part of clasp; trim off excess threads and melt ends.

Till here, the tutorial about how to make hemp bracelets is finished. Thanks for enjoying our different way to make hemp bracelets. This tutorial is just of immediate difficulty; so you must be confident to start this project.

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