Easy Step to Make Personalized Pearl Bracelet

Summary: Pearl jewelry always looks gorgeous. People wearing the pearl jewelry look very classy. And we are going to make a pearl bracelet with the pearl beads in pandahall.com. You can learn it.

Easy Step to Make Personalized Pearl Bracelet

Woman love pearl very much. Pearl can make us elegant. You can see many stars are wearing pearl jewelry to attend the important occasions. Pearl jewelry is the essential ornament for the big occasion and party. So it is one of great wedding jewelry ideas. Next, we will teach you to make a pearl bracelet.

4 steps to make pearl bracelet:

1. You will need: 10mm& 6mm pearl beads, iron rhinestone beads and elastic wire.

materials for pearl bracelet

2. Thread an elastic wire through an iron rhinestone bead, 10mm pearl bead and rhinestone bead. Continue to slide 6mm pearl beads onto the two sides of the wire until each side is as long as your wrist.

slide pearl beads onto wire

3. Clockwise thread right end of the elastic wire back through the iron rhinestone bead, and counterclockwise the left end back through the rhinestone bead and 10mm pearl bead.

4. Tie a surgeon knot with the two ends.

So your pearl bracelet is done! You can refer to our Knotting Techniques if you don’t know how to tie a surgeon knot.


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