Easy Tutorial on Making Turquoise Drop Earrings

Summary: The turquoise drop earrings we are going to make are very special. You can make them with us if you like these turquoise earrings. We will show you the detailed steps.

Easy Tutorial on Making Turquoise Drop Earrings

Earrings are our essential jewelry. They decorate our ears and face. And this time, we will make turquoise drop earrings. Hope you can prepare the materials and create them with us together.

4 steps for making turquoise drop earrings:

  1. Things you’ll need: brass wire, headpin, turquoise bead and earring hook.

     brass wire, turquoise beads, headpin and earring hooks for makinf earrings
  1. Wrap the brass wire around cone until you get last wrap is about as large as the turquoise bead.

wrap the brass and make the last wrap as big as the beads

  1. Thread headpin through turquoise bead and wire cone, and make a loop over the wire cone.
  2. Hook the turquoise drop to the earring hook.

Done! I believe you have finished them. They are fantasy.

the finished turquoise earrings

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