Easy Steps to Make Sliding Knot Bracelet

Summary: Sliding knot bracelet can be suitable for different sizes of wrist. The size of the bracelet can be adjusted. Do you want to have this sliding knot bracelet?

Easy Steps to Make Sliding Knot Bracelet

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to make this sliding knot bracelet. To be honest, it is easy to make. Follow our steps and you will create a bracelet just in few minutes.

4 steps to make sliding knot bracelet:

1. Prepare materials:

suede cord,

memory wire,

glass beads,

brass beads,

iron cord end,


Tibetan style bead.

materials for sliding knot bracelet

2. Make beaded ornament. Cut a certain length of memory wire, and slide glass beads and brass beads onto it, and then make loop with two ends.

make beaded ornament

3. Prepare two same length of leather wire and add cord end to their one end. Connect the beaded ornament to the cord end.

4. Cross two ends of the two leather cord through Tibetan style bead and then tie knot with each end.

So your sliding knot bracelet is done! Hope you have made it successively.

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