An Instruction of DIY Yellow Wire Earrings

Summary: We are trying to figure out some good jewelry making ideas all the time. And this time, we want to share the yellow earrings with you. Hope you like them.

An Instruction of DIY Yellow Wire Earrings

These yellow earrings look like wheels. The shape is so special. Now, do you have interest to make them? The happiest thing to us is that you like our ideas and make them with us together. These earrings are different with the ones we made before. As you can see they are look so interesting.

4 steps to make yellow earrings:

  1. Things you’ll need: aluminum wire, brass wire, glass bead and earring hook.

    aluminum wire,brass wire, glass beads and earring hooks for you to make earrings
  1. Make wire drop. Cut a certain length of aluminum wire and wrap it around the glass bead in the middle of the wire. Make two loops with the two ends.

    the cut aluminum wire with two loops in the end
  1. Cut a certain length of brass wire. Thread it through a loop of the wire drop, the glass beads and then another loop. Then continue to wrap the brass wire around the base of the aluminum wire.
  2. Hook the drop to the earring hook.

So your yellow earrings are done! Make them for yourself.

the finished diy yellow earrings

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