How to Make Colorful Ribbon Hair Clips for Little Girl

Summary: Hi, I’m here to share this tutorial on how to make a colorful ribbon hair clip with flowing tails for little girls. Maybe this project is more favorable for moms who have one or more little darlings.

How to Make Colorful Ribbon Hair Clips for Little Girl

Seeing too many flower and bow hair clips, I decided to DIY some special. Although this ribbon hair clip also can be considered as a flower one, it’s an extraordinary one! I was inspired by the rainbow in a picture, and then made such a colorful hair clip with rainbow colored ribbons. The addition of tails is to make the ribbons dance in the wind for adding more fun. Can’t find a hair clip for matching your daughter’s outfit suitably? Why not try to make fantastic ribbon hair clips by your own?

What do you need for making colorful ribbon hair clips?

6mm Satin Ribbon, Mixed Color
20mm Metal Shank Button
Sewing Thread
Hair Clip
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making a colorful ribbon hair clip

How to make colorful ribbon hair clips for little girls?

Step 1: make a ribbon flower

1st, cut out seven strips of satin ribbons in different colors measuring 20cm or so. Fold both ends of each strip to the middle and secure with glue. Lay all strips alternate with each other as a flower base with the ends in the center and secure with thread;
2nd, cut out two strips of ribbons in different colors measuring 12cm and another two measuring 8cm. Fold the strips in the same way and lay them on the flower base with crossing two matched strips, make sure the shortest strips are on the top. A ribbon flower is done;
3rd, glue a button with cutting the shank in the center of the ribbon flower;
4th, cut out a small flower shape from felt and glue it to the back of the ribbon flower with covering the ends.

make a ribbon flower

Step 2: add tails and hair clip

1st, cut out eight strips of satin ribbons measuring about 18cm and glue them on the felt flower;
2nd, glue a hair clip at back.

add tails and hair clip

Here it is!

finished colorful ribbon flower hair clip

A colorful three-layered ribbon hair clip can be made by you personally or with your daughter. What a great chance to make a pretty hair clip for your daughter with communicating feelings at the same time!

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