How to Make Bright Felt Flower Earrings with Pendants

Summary: This is a pair of felt flower earrings with pendants in bright color which is perfect for young girls. If you are the one who loves simple DIY jewelry, you could learn how to make felt earrings here!

How to Make Bright Felt Flower Earrings with Pendants

Walking into a jewelry store, you may find earrings made of many different kinds of materials, mostly metal or plastic. If you are fond of felt earrings, it may be better to DIY. The felt flower and the flower bead are the main parts of this pair of earrings, adding the shoes pendants are a great way to make them a little impish. These felt flower earrings with pendants are super easy to make just as it looks, and you can make them at home with a few materials.

What do you need for making felt flower earrings?

15mm Shell Beads, Flower, White
22mm Tibetan Style Pendant, Shoes, Silver
Earring Hooks, Silver
Jump Rings
Hot Glue Gun (Not Shown)

materials and tools for making felt flower earrings

How to make felt flower earrings with pendants?

Step 1: cut felt flowers

Cut out two flower shapes from felt.

cut felt flowers

Step 2: glue beads

Glue a flower shell bead in the center of each felt flower.

glue beads

Step 3: add pendants and hooks

Attach a pendant to the bottom of the felt flower with two jump rings and an earring hook to the top with a jump ring. Do the same to the other earring.

add pendants and hooks

Here is the final look:

finished felt flower earrings

Only three steps, a pair of cute and funny felt flower earrings are born! Who says that simple things cannot be amazing?

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