Good Valentine’s Day gifts: diy wire jewelry for her/him

Summary: This tutorial is to lighten your worries about good Valentine’s Day gifts and will show you a fancy idea of Valentine’s Day gifts- diy wire jewelry in “love” pattern, which helps you to express heart to loved one.

I always feel the diy wire jewelry is one of the good Valentine’s Day gifts as the time and efforts involved in this well-prepared gift undoubtedly tell her/him: you are always the special one in my heart! So cheer up and diy wire jewelry with me!


The materials and tools for diy wire jewelry:

Aluminum wire

Iron chains

Lobster clasp

Jump rings

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Now start to get the recipe of this good Valentine’s Day gift:

Step 1: start the wire wrapping

First, snip about 15 cm aluminum wire and loop one end with plier;

Second, leave a 3 cm length and make a loop at a reverse direction;

The letter “L” is done, resembling handwriting style.

Step 2: wrap the rest letters

Follow the detailed diagram, do the wire wrapping of other letters; and finalize the main part of diy wire jewelry.

Step 3: end up the diy wire jewelry

Attach lobster clasp to one end of the wire work and iron chain to other end.

So much for this tutorial; after sending it out, you can be sure that the diy wire jewelry is just a good Valentine’s Day gift that benefits you as much, if not more than, the gift-receiver. It is a win-win situation. 

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