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How to Make Dangle Cluster Earrings with Crystal Beads and Bronze Chain

Summary: How to make a pair of sparkling crystal cluster earrings? This tutorial will show you a surprisingly easy way! Just inches of chain and brass wire needed besides the crystal beads!

How to Make Dangle Cluster Earrings with Crystal Beads and Bronze Chain

Making dangling charm from bead and pin is a stunning way to dress up a pair of monotonous chain earrings. In this tutorial I will just show you how to make pair of earrings composed of long chain strands and clustered crystal charms. With a few basic techniques and tools you can turn an array of leftover crystal beads into dangle charms and bring your own personality to your jewelry!

Supplies needed in the crystal cluster earrings:

Crystal Beads in Various Shapes
Earring Hooks
0.8mm Brass Wire
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Supplies needed in the crystal cluster earrings

How to start the crystal cluster earrings?

Step 1: Make the dangles with beads and headpins

1st, hold the headpin and slide one crystal bead;
2nd, make a wrapped loop on top of the bead;
3rd, repeat the procedures for more crystal dangles.

Make the dangles with beads and headpins

Step 2: Make crystal cluster

1st, cut a 15cm piece of 0.8mm brass wire and make a wrapped loop at one end;
2nd, string the prepared dangles down to the wire relatively random;
3rd, when the crystal cluster reached 4~5cm long, secure them by another wrapped loop;
4th, bend the cluster into a slight radian.

Make crystal cluster

Step 3: Prepare the chain and bead connector

1st, to form a bead connector, you need to take a short piece of 0.8mm brass wire, slide one 6mm bicone crystal bead and secure by two wrapped link;
2nd, snip 4 chain segments that measuring 12-link, 12-link, 30-link and 36link.

Prepare the chain and bead connector

Step 4: Assemble the dangle crystal earring

1st, open the first link of 4 chain segments and attach to the bead connect in orders;
2nd, combine the two outside short chains with the crystal cluster;
3rd, attach the earring hook;
4th, adorn the last link of two long chain strands with one dangle.

Assemble the dangle crystal earring

Repeat all procedures on above for the other piece of your dangle chain earrings!

Finished Dangle Crystal Cluster Earrings

Tada! Now you’ve had your crystal cluster earrings finished! Dangles and charms are often forming the most attention-getting part in an earring design, and the crystals that come in various shapes and ombre blue colors for these dangle chain earrings will definitely help liven up your style.

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OMG (o my golly)! This is an answered prayer. I am a retiree and as I thought of hobby/business with beads, I was praying if I could have a guide on this. I went on a short training on bead craft with the senior citizens group. It was limited...I wanted more and this website is the answer.