4 Easy Steps to Make Red Pearl Dangle Earrings (with pictures)

Summary: In this tutorial, we will make red pearl dangle earrings with dazzling red pearl beads. Do you have interest to make a pair? It won’t let you down.

4 Easy Steps to Make Red Pearl Dangle Earrings (with pictures)

The red pearl dangle earrings are very beautiful and gorgeous, right? Are you attracted by them? Next, we will teach you how to make them step by step.

Materials in making red pearl dangle earrings:

Glass pearl beads

Iron cross chain


Earring hook

materials for dangle earrings

How to make red pearl dangle earrings?

Step1: Slide pearl bead onto the headpin and make simple loop.

make simple loop

Step2: Add different lengths of iron chains to the simple loops.

add iron chains

Step3: Connect the dangles together with a jumpring.

connect the dangles with a jumpring

Step4: Hook the jumpring to the earring hook.

hook the jumpring to the earring hook


finished look

I believe you have already made these red pearl dangle earrings. Pearl always looks elegant, so you can wear the red pearl dangle earrings to attend important parties. Just give it a try!

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