Making Combination Friendship Bracelets of Leather and Threads for Women

Summary: Check out this leather bangle bracelet tutorial and learn how to make leather bracelets for women, super easy yet stunning! Step-by-step instructions and photos are included!

Making Combination Friendship Bracelets of Leather and Threads for Women

As same as various trendy no-sew bracelet designs, this leather friendship bracelet is a relatively time-saving project for both young school girls and working office ladies. The base of leather bangle bracelet is a blank leather strap and features a vivid 3-strand Boho bride affixed along It. Additionally; it is particularly worthwhile for those prefer eco-friendly jewelry!

Supplies needed for the leather bangle bracelet:

Felt (or wide leather strap)
1mm Nylon Thread
2mm Nylon Thread
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Scissors (not shown)

Supplies needed for the leather bangle bracelet

How to make the leather bracelets for women?

Step 1: Make the vivid 3-strand braid

1st, cut four 30cm pieces of nylon thread per color;
2nd, align one end of 12 thread cords and tie an overhand knot;
3rd, start to braid the three colors;
4th, measure the braid around your wrist and tie another overhand knot. Keep 1cm at end and trim off the excess.

Make the vivid 3-strand braid

Step 2: Affix the braid

1st, make a wide bangle with felt (by using your glue gun) or simply buy a wide leather strap;
2nd, fasten the braid on by using glue gun;

Affix the braid

Step 3: Design a natural closure

1st, cut a 40cm piece of 2mm nylon thread;
2nd, wrap the thread around the bracelet base from 7cm from end, do wrapping for 2 or 3 times;
3rd, take the long end and tie an overhand knot around the 3 wraps as picture show;
4th, direct the long end to 3~4cm from the previous wrapped location and then repeat the procedure above;
5th, distribute the wraps and knots evenly on your leather bangle bracelet;
6th, tie another overhand knot at each end of 2mm nylon thread.

Design a natural closure

Now, the rest work is tying the bangle on your wrist!

finished leather and string friendship bracelet

Congratulations! This leather bangle bracelet may actually be created in a versatile style to fit any of your outfits! Furthermore, no matter for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, this cool and stylish leather friendship bracelet will be a pretty gift!

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