Make Royal Blue Felt Hair Bows with Kinds of Beads Step by Step

Summary: Today’s tutorial is all about how to make felt hair bows with kinds of beads. This royal blue hair bow will get your affection if you love the color just as I do.

Make Royal Blue Felt Hair Bows with Kinds of Beads Step by Step

Recently I have been addicted to those gorgeous colors like fuchsia and royal blue which can make me feel amazing especially when these colors meet with felt. In making this royal blue felt hair bow, I use the way of making a bow tie hair bow and sure the theme is blue. For according with the theme and being unique as well, the principle of choosing beads is to pick up blue beads in different shapes and made of different materials. This is a typical example of making fantastic hair bows with simple process.

What do you need for making felt hair bows?

10mm Aluminum Bead, Flower, Light Blue
12mm Aluminum Bead, Flower, Sky Blue
6mm Acrylic Cabochons, Half Round (Light Cyan & Light Blue)
8mm Acrylic Cabochon, Half Round, Cornflower Blue
10mm Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochon, Faceted, Flat Round, Cyan
10mm Glass Pendant, Heart, Aqua
14mm Resin Cabochon, Heart, Sky Blue
5mm Rhinestones Beads, Cyan
Hair Barrette (Not Shown)
Sewing Thread, Cornflower Blue
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making felt hair bow

How to make royal blue felt hair bows?

Step 1: make a felt bow

1st, cut out a piece of felt measuring 20*4.5cm. Fold both ends backwards to the middle and secure with glue;
2nd, fold a bow and secure with glue;
3rd, cut out a thin strip from felt and fold in half;
4th, wrap the bow with the doubled felt strip and secure with thread.

make a felt bow

Step 2: add beads

1st, glue all beads in the material list at one side of the bow in the way you like, or you can follow mine if you like;
2nd, glue a hair barrette at back.

add beads


Here is the final look:

finished felt hair bow

The only knack of making this royal blue felt hair bow is to determine the major color and select right beads. If you full play your imagination, creation is endless!

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