How to Make Pink Ribbon Flower Hair Ties for Your Little Princess

Summary: A pink ribbon flower hair tie is here for you! Come to learn how to make lovely ribbon flower hair ties for you little princess! This is an ingenious combination of satin ribbons and organza ribbons.

How to Make Pink Ribbon Flower Hair Ties for Your Little Princess

I seem to have a ribbon flower complex for little girls. In my eyes, girls with adorable ribbon flower hair accessories in hair look so cute! Thereupon, I create this pink ribbon flower hair tie for all sweet girls. Since ribbon flowers mostly look similar, I choose a special folding method to make the petals with organza ribbons covering satin ribbons for delicate looking.

What do you need for making flower hair ties?

38mm Satin Ribbon, Hot Pink
38mm Organza Ribbon, Pink
15mm Resin Button, Heart, Pink
Felt, Fuchsia
Elastic Hair Tie
Sewing Thread, Pink
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making ribbon flower hair tie

How to make ribbon flower hair ties?

Step 1: make petals and link them

1st, cut out seven strips of satin ribbons and seven of organza ribbons measuring 8cm;
2nd, lay an organza ribbon on a satin ribbon and fold the left side downwards;
3rd, turn the right side over to the left. Hold the ends; it will be like a petal as the following third picture shows;
4th, use the same way to make other six petals and thread the ends to link them into a circle.

make petals and link them

Step 2: make a ribbon flower and embellish it

1st, pull the thread tightly to make a flower and cut excess thread;
2nd, cut a small round piece from felt and glue it to the back of the ribbon flower to cover the ends;
3rd, glue a heart button or a button you like in the center of the ribbon flower;
4th, glue the elastic hair tie at back with a small strip of felt covered.

make a ribbon flower and embellish it

This is the finished ribbon flower hair tie:

finished ribbon flower hair tie

If you are a mom, you may love to dress up your daughter inevitably. Handmade crafts are great choices! How about starting with this easy ribbon flower hair tie DIY project? Just imagine the feeling when people ask your daughter where she got her cute hair tie and you answer, “I made it!”

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