Easy Tutorial on Making Long Curtain Dangle Earrings for Women

Summary: This time I would like to share you quick-to-learn tutorial about how to make long dangle earrings. Here is a chance that you can make special gifts for your dear mothers

Easy Tutorial on Making Long Curtain Dangle Earrings for Women

This pair of long dangle earrings looks like curtains with the dangling brass chains and beads. You will be very noble and gorgeous when you wear them. Make it for Mohters' Day gift.

Materials in long dangle earrings for women:

Brass chain
Acrylic beads
Earring hook
Brass beads

materials in long dangle earrings

How to make long dangle earrings for women?

Step1: Make beaded dangles

1st, slide bead onto the headpin and male a loop over the bead;
2nd, add different lengths of brass chains to the loops.

making beaded dangles

Step2: Make the curtain dangles

1st, slide brass beads and beaded dangles onto the eyepin alternately;
2nd, make a loop over the brass bead.

making the curtain dangles

Step3: Finish the long curtain dangle earrings

1st, prepare two same length of brass chains and a bead dangle;
2nd, add the brass chains to the loops of the eyepin in the step2 and hook them together with the bead dangle;
3rd, hook the long curtain dangle to the earring hook.

finishing the long curtain dangle earrings


finishing the earrings

So the long dangle earrings for women are finished. I believe they can give you a big surprise. And you can make it with other beads you like. It is such a fun thing that you can make your own jewelry.

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