Easy Introduction on Making Red Chandelier Dangle Earrings

Summary: Maybe you have seen many chandelier dangle earrings. And this time we will show you a different jewelry making ideas. You can learn it.

Easy Introduction on Making Red Chandelier Dangle Earrings

These earrings seem a little complex, but actually it is easy to make. They will make you more elegant. When you wear them, you can be very eye-catching on the street. So let’s get started to make the chandelier dangle earrings.

4 steps to make chandelier dangle earrings

1. You will need: seed beads, acrylic bead, drop gemstone bead, aluminum wire, brass wire, jumpring, eyepin and earring hooks.

materials in chandelier dangle earrings

2. Make dangles and chandelier dangle.
1st, slide the drop gemstone bead onto an eyepin and bent two ends into a triangle, and then wrap the end around the base of another loop end.
2nd, slide an acrylic bead onto an eyepin and make a loop over the bead.
3rd, Cut a certain length of aluminum wire and make loop with two ends, and then wrap the seed beads onto the aluminum wire and form it into a round shape.

making dangles and chandelier dangle

3. Connect the dangles together as finished project shows.

4. Hook it to the earrings hook.

Done! I believe you have made these earrings if you have followed our steps. Hope we can share more jewelry making ideas with you.

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