How to Make Cute Felt Flower Hair Ties with Colorful Beads for Girls

Summary: Tutorial on how to make cute felt flowers for hair is given today. This is a gorgeous felt flower hair tie consists of fuchsia felt and colorful beads for girls. Its color is amazing!

How to Make Cute Felt Flower Hair Ties with Colorful Beads for Girls

Flower hair ties are great accessories for girls if you like ponytail. Even if you don’t make ponytails often, you will itch for making a ponytail at least one day if you own this felt flower hair tie. The small colorful beads on the felt flowers are like morning dews glittering in the sun. Don’t hesitate to learn to make cute felt flower hair ties with us!

What do you need for making felt flower hair ties?

10mm Acrylic Cabochons, Half Round, Ivory
Acrylic Cabochons, Half Round, Mixed Color (5mm, 6mm and 7mm)
Felt, Fuchsia
Sewing Thread, Fuchsia (Not Shown)
Elastic Hair Tie
Needle (Not Shown)
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making felt flower hair ties

How to make cute felt flower hair ties for girls?

Step 1: make petals

1st, cut out seven large rectangles from felt measuring 5*2.3cm and seven small rectangles measuring 4*2cm;
2nd, trim one end of each rectangular felt into picot edge;
3rd, running stitch the flat end of a large rectangular felt as a petal;
4th, do the same to thread all petals.

make petals

Step 2: make two felt flowers

1st, pull the thread tightly and sew two last petals to make a large felt flower;
2nd, repeat the steps to make the small felt flower;
3rd, lay the small felt flower on the large one in place and secure with glue;
4th, glue a 10mm cabochon in the center of the small felt flower.

make two felt flowers

Step 3: attach hair tie and beads

1st, attach the hair tie to the back with covering a small piece of felt for good looking;
2nd, glue some mix colored cabochons in different sizes on the felt flowers all around.

attach hair tie and beads

This is the finished felt flower hair tie:

finished felt flower hair tie

I loved this vivid felt flower hair tie at the first sight even it is created by my own. I would like to share this feeling with all friends who like my creations. Hope you adore it!

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