How to Make a Big Peace Sign Necklace with Turquoise Beads (with pictures)

Summary: This tutorial will teach you to make a big beaded peace sign necklace. And we use iron chain to decorate it. You can learn it quickly with our instruction.

How to Make a Big Peace Sign Necklace with Turquoise Beads (with pictures)

This necklace is really big. You will be very eye-catching when you wear it. There are no difficult techniques or special materials in this tutorial. So I believe you can make it. Let’s make this big peace sign necklace together.

Materials in making a big peace sign necklace:

Iron cross chain
Turquoise gemstone beads
Brass wire
Lobster clasp (with jumpring)

materials needed in big peace sign necklace

How to make a big peace sign necklace?

Step1: Make the beaded peace sign.

Cut a certain length of brass wire and slide five turquoise beads onto it, and then make loop with each end.

sliding turquoise beads

Step2: Adding the iron chain dangle

1st, prepare a certain length of iron chain and hook it to one loop of the beaded peace sign. And then add a jumpring to another end of the iron chain;
2nd, hook the jumpring to the brass wire between the first and second turquoise bead, and add another little longer chain to the jumpring;
3rd, add a jumpring to the second iron chain, then hook the jumpring to the point between the second and third turquoise bead, and then add another little longer iron chain to the jumpring;
4th, repeat the step2 and step1 to finish the iron chain dangle.

adding the iron chain dangle

Step3: Finish the big peace sign necklace.

Add the iron chain to each end of the beaded peace sign, and add jumpring and lobster clasp to the two chains separately.

adding clasps


finishing the big peace sign necklace

Have you finished this big peace sign necklace? When you attend some casual parties, you can wear it which will be a plus for you.

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