Easy Tutorial on Making Heart Wire Bracelet

Summary: In this tutorial, we are going to make a heart wire bracelet. It is simple but very cute. You can make it for the kids. They will love it.

Easy Tutorial on Making Heart Wire Bracelet

Now, wire is widely used in jewelry making. And this wire bracelet is made only by the wire. So it won’t cost you much. And you can also get the bracelet is light. It is very suitable for girls. Do you have interest to make one? You can follow our steps to make.

4 steps to make heart wire bracelet:

1. Things you’ll need: 0.8mm brass wire, lobster claw clasp.

materials in heart wire bracelet

2. Use brass wire to make hearts and jumprings.

using brass wire to make hearts and jumprings

3. Connect the hearts and jumprings in order until you get enough length of the bracelet.

4. Add lobster claw clasp to one end and add a jumpring to another end.

Done! So just in few minutes your heart wire bracelet is finished. You can add some pendants to it if you think it is simple. Develop your imagination and you can create more beautiful jewelries.

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