Guide on 12 Different Types of Bracelets for Women

Summary: There are so many different bracelet types for women, while most of you don’t know what type of bracelet you are wearing is. Check out different types of bracelets and freshen up our vocabulary now!

Guide on 12 Different Types of Bracelets for Women

Bracelets are in great demand among women from young girls to older women. Knowing a bit about different types of bracelets can help you shop for additional pieces which preferably suit your outfits and appearance. Our information about bracelet types also makes it easier to choose appropriate bracelets for different occasions.

Here are 12 types of bracelets:

Bangle Bracelet: This is a type of classic bracelet which is a solid ring without opening and clasp. Bangles need to be slipped onto the wrist and usually fit loosely on the wrist. You can wear multiple narrow bangles at the same time like an arm party, while you’d better wear wider ones limitedly. Bangles are very common among young women because it is versatile and often inexpensive.

Cuff Bracelet: Unlike bangles, cuff bracelets are always wider and have easy slip-on openings. Cuff bracelets are worn tightly on the wrist once in place. They are usually made of metal, fabric or leather.

Beaded Bracelet: Beaded bracelet is one of the most popular types of bracelets. To put it simply, a beaded bracelet is made of a string or wire with beads strung upon. It can be the simplest style which is a strand of beads with a clasp or elastic string, also can be elaborately beaded or woven of seed beads. Some beaded bracelets are tied on the wrist with ribbons or leather cords instead of clasps.

Chain & Link Bracelet: Chain bracelet is a metal chain typically closed with a lobster clasp or spring ring clasp. In my view, chain bracelets may be the most widely used bracelets because many stylish bracelets are made on the basis of a chain. Chain bracelets are also very popular among men. Link bracelets are similar to chain bracelets but each link of the bracelet can be designed separately.

Charm Bracelet: As the name implies, charm bracelet is typically a chain with beautiful dangling charms attached. Actually, there are two types of charm bracelets. One is the common chain bracelet I mentioned above and the chain can be sterling silver, gold, stainless steel or other metals. The other is the Italian charm bracelet. Italian bracelet is a link bracelet with small glass rectangles inserted into. The charms can reflect your personal interests or show your attitude.

Friendship Bracelet: Friendship bracelets are made from thread or fabric which has been popular for many years. Generally friendship bracelets are handmade and people all over the world exchange friendship bracelets as symbols of friendship. There is a tradition that friendship bracelets should be worn until falling off naturally.

String Bracelets: String bracelets are very close to friendship bracelets. There is a difference that a string bracelet only has one or two strings. String bracelets are considered as wish bracelets. When the bracelet wears out and falls off, it’s time for your wish to come true.

Tennis Bracelet: Tennis bracelets are more suitable for formal wear because it is characterized by setting an array of precious stones, usually diamonds, in noble metals. Since tennis bracelets are thin, flexible and comfortable to wear, they also suit casual wear. Tennis bracelets usually fit tightly around the wrist with a clasp. The name of tennis bracelets derived from an incident involving tennis player Chris Evert. Her expensive diamond bracelet snapped during a match, the match was stopped until the diamonds could be recovered.

Sports Bracelets: Sports bracelets are silicone rubber bands with a message or trade mark engraved. Now many not-for-profit organizations use them for financing to help people who are suffering from disease or raising awareness about issues.

ID Bracelet: ID bracelet consists of a chain and a solid plaque with names engraved. It is prevalent that friends or lovers exchange ID bracelets to express their loyalty. There is also a medical ID bracelet which is for first aiders to know the condition of the person who is wearing it.

Leather Bracelet: Leather bracelets are currently popular among young girls for an unconventional and edgy taste. Leather bracelets are usually fitted to the exact wrist measurement and fastened with a metallic snap button. The most common design is a flat leather band which is plain, with metallic studs or embroidery. The characteristics of this type of bracelet are light weight and inexpensive price.

Slap Bracelet: Slap bracelet is also known as snap bracelet and it is mostly worn by teenagers and punks. A leather piece with spikes or sharp edges protruding forms a slap bracelet. Slap bracelets are available in many colors including neon colors and various trendy patterns. However, some countries forbid them because the metal would cause injury.

With the above information about different types of bracelets, it will be easy for you to pick the one suit you. And if you intend to send a bracelet as gift to your friends or families, it is better to make sure the bracelet fit their status and interests, right?

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