DIY Lovely Felt Heart Shaped Earrings with Beads

Summary: Here is an easy tutorial on DIY felt heart shapes earrings with beads for all DIY fanciers. Making this pair of pretty felt earrings for your own will absolutely be a funny experience.

DIY Lovely Felt Heart Shaped Earrings with Beads

Felt earrings are very light and you can wear them all day long without burden. Another reason I choose felt to DIY with is that I can embroider on felt and arrange beads in any way I like. I make this pair of felt heart shaped earrings by using a black piece of felt as base then laying some broken pieces of felt in different colors atop. Some simple stitches are also sewed to make them more unique.

What do you need for making heart shaped earrings?

Felt (Red, Black, Green)
4mm Acrylic Beads Imitation Pearl
19mm Brass Earring Hooks, Antique Bronze
8mm Jump Rings, Antique Bronze
Sewing Thread, Gold
Hot Glue Gun
Bead Reamer (Not Shown)

materials and tools for making heart shaped earrings

How to make felt earrings with beads?

Step 1: cut felt

1st, cut out two heart shapes from black felt;
2nd, cut the red felt with the template of black heart shape;
3rd, we have two black heart shapes and two red ones now;
4th, transversely cut the red heart shapes into some small pieces and pick some pieces to lay on the black heart shapes with some green felt strips. The patterns of two earrings can be different.

cut felt

Step 2: finish earrings

1st, glue the red pieces and running stitch the green strips with gold thread;
2nd, punch a hole at each heart shape and attach two earring hooks with jumprings;
3rd, glue a circle of imitation pearl beads on the heart shapes along the edge.

finish earrings

Here is the final look:

finished felt heart shaped earrings

Besides for daily wear, these felt heart shaped earrings are also perfect for wearing or gifting on Valentine's Day! Boys can try because this pair of earrings is extremely simple to make.

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