Wire Jewelry Ideas- How to Make a Cute Music Note Necklace

Summary: This wire jewelry tutorial is going to show you an interesting way relate to how to make a music note necklace. It is easy enough so that you can learn this wire necklace designs with your kids.

Wire Jewelry Ideas- How to Make a Cute Music Note Necklace

There are many options for you to get a necklace range from highly priced to stylishly designed, buy all of these are not as good as making one by yourself, and here, we provide an easy and creative wire necklace design for you!

1. Materials you should prepare in this wire necklace design: 1.5mm aluminum wire, jumprings and brass chain.


2. Cut a piece of wire with 25cm, make a loop with round nose plier in the middle of the wire, remaining 8mm on each side of the loop and then bend the wire to form 90 degree angles.

make a loop

3. Clamping the end of the wire with round nose plier and start to rotate your plier, after it forms a complete round, revolve around the ring several times.

See, do you find this wire jewelry patterns is really funny and easy to make? Just try it if you like this wire necklace design!

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