How do You Make a Wrap Bracelet with 3 Colored Strings

Summary: In today’s project, I’ll show you some popular colors to make wrap friendship bracelets. After that, I believe you’ll become handy with facility while trying different string bracelets.

How do You Make a Wrap Bracelet with 3 Colored Strings

Someone says that a person's life will not be complete without friendship. So, the famous string braided friendship bracelets sweep over every corner in the world. And this tutorial is about teaching you to make a 3 colored string wrapped bracelet. And we know that different colors present distinctive meanings. So why not take a look at this easy wrapped bracelet tutorial? 

Materials needed for wrapping string bracelet:

1mm Nylon Thread
2mm Nylon Thread

Materials needed for wrapping string bracelet

Steps for wrapping string bracelet:

Step1: Prepare the 3 colored strings

Main colors for friendship bracelets: Red, Orange and Green

Needed length: 1mm working ends: approximate 100cm each color; 2mm holding end about 40cm.

Take the holding end; then fold it and tie a Chinese button knot on it. Fasten the knot to the location about 15cm from the folded portion. Trim off excess thread and melt to ensure the knot.

Prepare the 3 colored strings

Step2: Add on the working ends and start to wrap

1st, tie the 3 strands of working ends onto the holding end by one of them;
2nd, start to wrap using either color. Make sure you have covered the extra thread tips;
3rd, keep wrapping and use another color instead after several times;
4th, stop until there left a loop will allow the beginning Chinese button knot pass through.  

Add on the working ends and start to wrap

Step3: Finish the 3 colored string wrapped bracelet

Fix the final loop by tying one or more Double Half Hitch. Cut off all extra threads and melt the endings with lighter. And you have done your new friendship bracelet now.

Finish the 3 colored string wrapped bracelet

In the end, here're some info about the colors for friendship bracelets: 

Meaning of red string bracelet: warmth, love, boldness, excitement, desire, passion and courage.
Green: reliability, optimism, calm, harmony and honesty.
Orange: cheerfulness, enthusiasm, stimulation and creativity.
Yellow: attention-grabbing, comfort, optimism, summer, intellect, happiness and energy. 
Blue: peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honor, depth, stability and trust.
Purple: power, royalty, nobility, elegance, sophistication, mystery and magic.
Black: Elegance, sophistication, formality, power and strength.
White: Cleanliness, purity, newness, virginity, peace, innocence and simplicity.

However, no matter what meaning does the color have, just pick out your ideal ones and try make some colored string bracelets for your friends. Have nice days!

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