Free Seed Bead Ring Patterns – Make Skull Rings with Seed Bead by 3 Steps

Summary: In this tutorial, we are going to make a seed bead ring. It may help you if you need a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend. If so, this gift will be very significant. So do you want to make it?

Free Seed Bead Ring Patterns – Make Skull Rings with Seed Bead by 3 Steps

This seed bead ring is stunning and its highlight is the skull bead. It looks cool. And are you attracted by this ring? It is simple to make, which just needs three kinds of materials. Just make it and you won’t regret.

Materials in seed bead ring:

Seed bead
Skull acrylic bead
Elastic wire

materials in seed bead ring

How to make skull and seed beaded ring?

Step1: Make the seed bead shank

1st, string three seed beads onto the elastic cord and cross through another seed bead;
2nd, string seed bead to each end;
3rd, cross the two ends through another seed bead;
4th, repeat above steps until you get your desired length.

making the shank

Step2: Slide skull bead and finish the ring

1st, cross through a skull bead;
2nd, slide seed bead onto each end of the elastic cord;
3rd, cross the elastic cord through the first seed bead of another end;
4th, tie a surgeon knot with the two ends.

slide skull bead and finish the ring

Step3: Cut off the extra elastic cord


finishing the seed bead ring

Have you finished this seed bead ring? It can be your great jewelry. Hope you like and enjoy this seed bead ring tutorial.

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