Easy Tutorial on Making Big Chandelier Earrings

Summary: People love chandelier earrings. They make us look elegant. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make big chandelier earrings.

Easy Tutorial on Making Big Chandelier Earrings

At first sight of the big chandelier earrings, you will think it is difficult to DIY them. But follow our instruction and you’ll be surprised to find that it is such easy to make. Let’s start it.

4 steps to make big chandelier earrings:

1. Prepare materials: cat eye beads, shell bead, brass chain, headpin, eyepin, jumpring and earring hook.

materials for chandelier earrings 2. Make dangles. Slide bead onto headpin or eyepin and make a loop over the bead.

make dangles

3. Cut four brass chains, two chains as a group with the same length and connect the chains, dangles and jumprings in order as finished project shows.
4. Hook the chandelier dangle to the earring hook.

Done! Do you get the big chandelier earrings? Hope these earrings can make you more beautiful.

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