Beaded Necklace Ideas - How to Make a Beaded Collar Necklace in Rapid Way

Summary: This beaded necklace idea is going to teach you how to make a beaded collar necklace in a super-quick method. No glue gun, no pliers, and full tutorial included!

Beaded Necklace Ideas - How to Make a Beaded Collar Necklace in Rapid Way

Learn how to make a beaded collar necklace and give your dress a trendy edge. In this tutorial, we’ll show you a diy beaded collar necklace features two connected layers of acrylic beads and a sliver toggle clasp. Additionally, the making processes are actually easy and no extra tools or skills are required.

Supplies needed in the diy beaded collar necklace:

10mm Colorful Acrylic Beads
12mm Yellow Acrylic Beads
Toggle and T-bar Clasp
1mm Nylon Thread

Supplies needed in the diy beaded collar necklace

How to make a beaded color necklace?

Step1: Bead the first layer

1st, cut a length of 1mm nylon thread, measuring about 2m;
2nd, slide the toggle part and stop at center on thread, anchor with an overhand knot;
3rd, pass two thread ends through a 10mm purple bead from two directions;
4th, add a 10mm green bead on the left end and a 10mm pink one on the right end. Then cross through one 10mm purple one;
5th, repeat the 4th step until the part reaches an ideal length;
6th, secure the end by tying another overhand knot closely;
7th, slide the t-bar and anchor with another knot.

Bead the first layer

Step2: Make the second layer

1st, cut another 2m piece of 1mm nylon thread and string a 10mm orange bead to center as starting;
2nd, take the right end to go through the first green bead on 1st layer. At meanwhile, add a 12mm yellow bead on the other end;
3rd, cross two ends at another 10mm orange bead;
4th; repeat the 2nd and 3rd steps above for all beaded part;
5th, at the last beaded loop, after pass the right end through the green bead, continue to add one 10mm orange and one 12mm yellow beads on it. Finally, tie two ends together by a fasten knot;
6th, stuck the excess threads at several adjacent beads and trim off the leftovers.

Make the second layer


finished Bead Collar Necklace

So, the beaded necklace ideas are entirely showcased! Just take your beads and try making this diy beaded collar necklace and add a wow factor to any outfit of you. You’ll never feel disappointed!

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