Easy Introduction on Making Charm Bracelet for Girls

Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to make a charm bracelet for girls. If you want a special bracelet, you can think about it.

Easy Introduction on Making Charm Bracelet for Girls

We all want our own jewelry to make ourselves eye-catching, but you may see someone is wearing the same jewelry with you, which would be very embarrassed. So next, we will make a charm bracelet for girls, and you can make it with us if you have interest.

4 steps to make charm bracelet for girls:

1. Prepare materials: heart glass pendant, Drop acrylic pendant, jumpring, lobster claw clasp and iron cross chain.

materials in charm bracelet for girls

2. Hook the heart glass pendant to the aluminum chain with jumpring and then hook drop acrylic pendant to the chain.

hooking beads onto the chain

3. Repeat step2 until reaching the ends of the chain.

4. Add a lobster claw clasp to one end and then add a jumpring to another end.

So your charm bracelet is done! If you don’t have the heart beads or drop beads we use, you can also use other beads to create your own bracelet.

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