How to Make a Cute Flower Hair Comb from Ribbon

Summary: Cute hair combs can add more fun to your hair than bare hair combs no matter in a bun or other hairstyles. Here is a ribbon flower hair comb made by sewing for both young and little girls.

How to Make a Cute Flower Hair Comb from Ribbon

Depending on what you add to the bare hair combs, you can create decorative hair combs in various styles. To make cute hair combs, ribbon flowers may be the first choice by most people especially little girls. I make a flower hair comb by sewing a two-layered ribbon flower with two lovely heart-patterned ribbons. The reason why I choose to sew the flower and hair comb instead of gluing is that I can remove the stitches when I make it crooked. Check out this lovely tutorial for inspiration!

What do you need for making this cute hair comb?

23mm Satin Ribbon, White, Heart
23mm Satin Ribbon, Pink, Heart
15mm Resin Button, Heart, Pink
Sewing Threads (Pink and Lawn Green)
Iron Hair Comb

materials and tools for making a ribbon flower hair comb

How to make a flower hair comb from ribbon?

Step 1: make petals

1st, cut a strip of pink satin ribbon measuring 7cm and a strip of white satin ribbon measuring 9cm;
2nd, fold two strips in half respectively and lay the pink strip on the white one with aligning the ends;
3rd, running stitch the ends of two strips together as a petal;
4th, don’t cut the thread. Continue to make four more petals.

make petals

Step 2: finish the ribbon flower

1st, pull the thread tightly to gather all petals;
2nd, adjust the flower shape and sew two petals at the ends;
3rd, flip the ribbon flower over to the right side;
4th, sew a heart-shaped button at the center of the ribbon flower.

finish the ribbon flower

Step 3: attach hair comb

1st, cut a small flower shape from green felt and sew it at the backside of the ribbon glower for covering the ends of petals;
2nd, sew the ribbon flower on the middle of the hair comb in place.

attach hair comb


finished ribbon flower hair comb

Each homemade flower hair comb has a one-of-a-kind look. You can choose materials you like and design your own hair combs in any style. It’s really fun to make your own hair accessories.

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