Easy Tutorial on Making Glass Pendant Necklace

Summary: Glass beads look clear. And this tutorial will make a glass pendant necklace with the drop glass beads in pandahall.com. You can make it with us together.

Easy Tutorial on Making Glass Pendant Necklace

The glass pendant necklace is sparkling and very beautiful, especially under the sunshine. You will be very gorgeous when you wear it. Please prepare the material to create it. This necklace is worth the effort.

5 steps to make glass pendant necklace:

1. Prepare materials: drop glass beads, headpins, brass chain, jumpring and S-Hook clasp.

 materials for glass pendant necklace

2. Make glass dangles. Slide drop glass bead onto headpin and made an open loop over the bead.
3. Cut a certain length of brass chain and hook the glass dangles to the brass chain, and close the loop.

 hook glass dangles to brass chain

4. Add a jumpring to the end of the brass chain and thread it through another long brass chain.
5. Add a jumpring to each end of the long brass chain and connect the two jumprings with a S-Hook clasp.

Done! Actually the glass beads are red rose, but they change into the red color under the sunshine.So you can get two different colors of necklace with one pendant. It is wonderful. Hope you like it.

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