Easy Tutorial on Making European Style Bracelet

Summary: European style bracelet is very beautiful. And this tutorial will make it with the brass European style bracelet in pandahall.com.

Easy Tutorial on Making European Style Bracelet

Now, the European style bracelet is more and more popular. Since we use brass European style bracelet to make, it just needs little decoration. Please make your own charm bracelet with us.

4 steps to make European style bracelet:
1. Prepare materials: brass European style chain, glass bead, headpin, jumpring, brass bar and ring toggle clasp.

 materials for European style bracelet

2. Add a jumpring to each end of the brass European style chain. Then add the brass bar to one jumpring and add ring toggle clasp to another one.
3. Make dangle. Slide the glass bead onto a headpin and make a loop over the bead, and then thread a jumpring through the loop.

make dangle

4. Hook the dangle to the ring toggle clasp.

So your European bracelet is done! Actually the brass bar and the ring toggle clasp are functional clasp, but here they are the decoration to the bracelet. You can make a necklace with this method. It will be beautiful too.

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