Easy Step to Design Simple bead Bracelet Patterns

Summary: Do you like DIY jewelry? In this article, we will offer you an idea about designing simple bead bracelet patterns. You can try to make some if you like this jewelry idea.

Easy Step to Design Simple bead Bracelet Patterns

When we are bored at home, we can DIY some jewelry to kill the time. Next, we will make a simple bead bracelet. It is simple to make. What’s more important, it looks crystal and clear. You can prepare materials to make with us.

4 steps to design simple bead bracelet patterns:

1. Things you’ll need: brass wire, brass chain, 4mm glass beads, headpin, jumpring and lobster clasp.

materials in simple bead bracelet patterns

2. Make beaded part. Cut a certain length of brass wire and make a loop with one end. Slide Swarovski crystal beads onto it and make a loop with another end.

making beaded part

3. Make a dangle with headpin and Swarovski crystal bead. Cut a short length of brass chain and hook the dangle to it.

4. Cut two brass chains and connect them to the loops of beaded part. Add jumpring to each end of the brass chain and add a lobster clasp to one jumpring, and then hook the short brass chain with dangle to another jumpring.

So the bracelet is done! Do you like this simple bead bracelet pattern? Hope you can create more beautiful jewelry. There are many other jewelry making ideas on our web store and you can have a look.

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