Easy Tutorial on Making Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Summary: This tutorial will tell you how to make a wonderful beaded bangle bracelet. The needed materials are just wires and beads. It is very easy. You can have a try.

Easy Tutorial on Making Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Many people like wearing bangle. And now there is a chance you can make your own jewelry- beaded bangle bracelet. You can get not only fun but satisfaction from it. So please make it with us step by step.

5 steps to make beaded bangle bracelet:
1. Prepare materials: faceted acrylic beads, brass wire and aluminum wire.

prepare materials

2. Make aluminum bangle. Cut two long aluminum wire with the same length, and make loop with two ends.
3. Wrap the brass wire around one aluminum bangle for several wraps and slide four faceted acrylic beads onto, and then wrap the brass wire around another brass wire.

wrap the brass wire

4. Repeat step3 until you get your desired beads.
5. Make the bangle into an open circle shape.

Congratulations! Your beaded bangle bracelet is finished! Hope you like it. This is just an idea and you can improve it into other kinds of bracelet.

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