Jewelry Making Instructions - Easy Ways to make String Bracelet

Summary: Wanna to make a simple diy string bracelet in a short time? Here we will provide you an easy way to make string bracelet.

Jewelry Making Instructions - Easy Ways to make String Bracelet

Handmade bracelets are very popular in jewelry making lover. This “easy way to make string bracelet” tutorial will show you how to make bracelet with string step by step within 10 minutes.

Instruction for making String Bracelet

1. Things you should prepare in the diy string bracelet: nylon thread, tube beads (EC261Y-S), pendant, spacer beads (E147Y-S) and scissor.

materials for the thread bracelet

2. Prepare a strip of thread with 30cm and slide a pendant in the middle of the thread, and then thread a spacer bead, a tube bead, a spacer bead on the leaf of the thread in order, so do the right side. Tie overhand knot on two sides.

step 2 of making the bracelet

3. Now take another strip of thread and we will finish this DIY string bracelet by tying square knots.  Trim off excess thread and secure with lighter.

4. String a spacer bead on each of the remaining threads and secure with overhand knot.

You can make more this diy string bracelet in different color if you like, thank you for your reading!

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