Easy Introduction on Making Turquoise Skull Earrings

Summary: Do you want turquoise skull earrings? We are going to make red turquoise skull earrings. It is pretty cool. If your jewelry is lack of this kind of jewelry, you should have a try.

Easy Introduction on Making Turquoise Skull Earrings

In our mind, skull jewelry is very special, so are the turquoise skull earrings we are going to make. If you like fashion things, you should own one. Next, we will make skull earrings; you can make them with us if you have interest.

4 Steps to make turquoise skull earrings:

1. Prepare materials: turquoise skull beads, jumpring, cone acrylic beads, brass chain, eyepins and earring hooks.

materials in  turquoise skull earrings

2. Make skull dangle with turquoise skull bead and eyepin.

making skull dangle

3. Add a jumpring to the acrylic bead and connect one end of a short aluminum chain to the jumpring, and then connect the skull dangle to another end of the aluminum chain.

4. Hook another loop of the skull dangle to the earring hook.

Done! So your turquoise skull earrings are finished. You can also use other kinds of skull beads to have a try.

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