How to Make a Long Necklace with Pearl and Shell Buttons in Half an Hour

Summary: This super wearable pearl and shell necklace is an entirely mix of elegance and grace. No extra skills are required that every jewelry maker can learn how to make the pearl necklace within 30 minutes!

How to Make a Long Necklace with Pearl and Shell Buttons in Half an Hour

This article on how to make a pearl necklace is all about the details. We add an array of pearl beads and shell beads as sparkles and a length of strong tiger tail wire keeps it all together. We love how the pearl and shell necklace was made and would love to show the version of ours here. Just enjoy yourself then!

Supplies required for making the bead necklace:

14mm Glass Pearl Bead
Mother of Pearl Button
Snowflake Spacer Bead
Crimp Bead
Lobster Claw Clasp
0.35mm Tiger Tail Wire
Flat Nose Plier

Supplies required for making the bead necklace

How to make the pearl and shell necklace?

Step 1: Cut a 100cm piece of 0.35mm tiger tail wire. Fold the wire in half, slide one jumpring and push to the center position, then anchor with a crimp bead.

prepare the wire

Step 2: Take three mother of pearl buttons, thread the two wire ends through one hole of three from different directions. Tighten the wires properly and pass through the other hole of three beads in same way.

make the basic unit

Step 3: String one snowflake spacer bead, one 14mm glass pearl bead and one snowflake spacer bead.

design the other basic unit

Step 4: Repeat the steps 2 &3 over and over again until get an desired length.

repeat the two basic units

Step 5: Add another jumpring at end using the crimp bead. Stuck the remaining wire at the adjacent pearl bead and them remove the leftover.

close the beaded strand

Step 6: Attach the clasp at either end of the necklace.

Attach the clasp

Close the jumpring off and you’re done!

finished pearl and shell necklace

So far, these are all the tips on today’s how to make a pearl necklace project! Besides this mix of pearl and shell beads for making bead necklaces, what better way to celebrate the summer with a little sparkle?

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