Bead Jewelry Making for Beginners - How to Make Cord Bracelets with Beads

Summary: Here showcased is a simple tutorial about how to make cord bracelets with beads; in particular, this tutorial is specific directions about how to make bead jewelry for beginners.

Today I will talk about braiding bracelets with beads again; as the craft tutorial is specially prepared for new hands,many of dab hands may think it is monotonous; however, I suggest they stay and consider a better way to boost this type of cord bracelets, and spark some new ideas about how to make cord bracelets with beads on this base.

The materials in braiding bracelets with beads

2mm Bugle Beads (mixed)

8mm Colorful Acrylic Beads

10mm Colorful Acrylic Beads

0.35mm Tiger Tail Wire

1mm Nylon Thread

Wire Cutter



Full instructions on how to make cord bracelet with beads for beginners:

Step 1: Prepare the loop clasp

First, snip 12cm wire, thread 14 bugle beads on and cross both ends though last bead;

Second, tighten wire, make a firm knot there and trim off excess wire.

Step 2: thread beads on

First, make a lark's head knot on loop part;

Second, cross both strands through a smaller bead, and pull it to the top;

Third, thread both strands through a larger bead and tighten thread;

Fourth, repeat second and third process, make another pair;

Fifth, still repeat such kind of beading but just with smaller beads;

Sixth, stop with a larger bead and make a simple knot and double connecting knot there.

Step 3: finalize the bead jewelry

Trim off excess thread and melt ends if necessary.

Till here, the project about braiding bracelet with beads for beginners is over; if braid the bracelet long enough, I suggest the stacked style and with a brooch or wire wrapped flower to adorn; for the tutorials about how to make cord bracelets with beads, have some of you got a fancy idea?

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