Easy Introduction on Making Turquoise Bead Bracelet

Summary: Do you love turquoise bead? If you love, you can’t miss this tutorial about making a turquoise bead bracelet. It is gorgeous and you’ll like it.

Easy Introduction on Making Turquoise Bead Bracelet

This bracelet is gorgeous. It can give you surprise. I believe you will be very elegant when you wear it. And it is easy to make. Just through several easy steps you can get a beautiful turquoise bead bracelet. Please have a try.

4 steps to make turquoise bead bracelet:

1. Things you’ll need: square turquoise beads, eyepins, twist aluminum chain, lobster clasp and jumpring.

materials in  turquoise bead bracelet

2. Cut a twist aluminum chain which is twice as long as your wrist. Connect two ends with a jumpring, and add a jumpring to the middle loop of the chain.

3. Thread the eyepin through a loop of one chain and slide a square turquoise bead onto it and thread the eyepin out from another loop of another chain, and then make a loop.

adding turquoise bead

4. Continue adding the square turquoise beads onto the chain until reaching you desired length.

So the beautiful turquoise bead bracelet is done! Hope you can make it. And you’ll love it.

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