How to Make Sweet Pink Butterfly Hair Clips with Suede Cord and Rhinestones

Summary: Which style of butterfly hair clips is the best for your little girl? Today I will show you a solid pink butterfly hair clip with rhinestones. I’m sure your daughter will love it.

How to Make Sweet Pink Butterfly Hair Clips with Suede Cord and Rhinestones

Little girls love to dress up and nothing is lovelier than a hair clip matching with a beautiful dress. It is easy for you to create a butterfly hair clip with a little imagination, a few suede cords and several rhinestones to make your little girl the envy of other pupils if you follow me to learn how to make sweet pink butterfly hair clips. This butterfly is made of suede cord by looping, so the impact is solid and it can flicker as a live butterfly.

What do you need in pink butterfly hair clips?

4.5mm Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons
2.5mm Suede Cord, Pink
10mm Satin Ribbon, Fiber, Pink
Sewing Thread, Pearl Pink
Hair Clip
Hot Glue Gun

materials and tools for making pink butterfly hair clips

How to make butterfly hair clips with rhinestones?

Step 1: make a butterfly

1st, cut out a long strip of suede cord and roll three circles which each outer circle is about 2mm larger than the inner one;
2nd, tie three circles at the end with sewing thread as a wing of butterfly;
3rd, do the same to make the other wing of butterfly. Note that the direction of circles should be opposite;
4th, cut out a short strip of suede cord to link two wings together with covering the sewing threads for good looking. Cut excess cord with leaving two antennas.

make a butterfly

Step 2: embellish the hair clip and butterfly

1st, cut out a strip of satin ribbon which is longer than the hair clip and glue it to cover the hair clip with wrapping both ends;
2nd, glue the butterfly to the hair clip with the head towards the direction of hair clip’s opening;
3rd, glue three rhinestones on the outermost circle of each wing and a rhinestone on each antenna.

embellish the hair clip and butterfly


finished pink butterfly hair clips

My original intention of making butterfly hair clips is for little girls, but I found the result is also suitable to sweet young girls. If you want the butterfly hair clip to be more colorful, changing the color of rhinestones is a good way, even you can make each rhinestone in different colors.

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